Our online bidding service brings the auction right into your home or office. You can hear the auctioneer, follow the bid and ask prices, place bids in multiple auctions and auction rings – all in real time.

Online bidding interface

This service is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Chinese.

  1. Gebruikersinterface

    Gebruikersinterface is snel, leesbaar en intuïtief.

  2. A/V icons

    Icons turn audio and photos on or off at your request.

  3. Currency flag

    Helpful country flag tells you what currency the auction is in.

  4. Shopping cart

    Tells you what/how many lots you have won.

  5. Credit area

    Gives you information on your remaining credit balance, money spent, and your set preBid amount.

  6. Choice group

    Show lots that are being sold together as a choice group with helpful highlights.

  7. Inventory

    Shows lots in the ring that are you are currently bidding in, so you don't miss out on items.

  8. Lot status

    Status of lot shows SOLD, SOLD TO YOU, OUT, or SELLING NOW, with clearly defined colors to make identification easy.

  9. PriorityBid

    Plaats een PriorityBid voor hoeveel u bereid bent te betalen en wij bieden het laagste bedrag voor u dat u nodig hebt om te winnen tijdens de live veiling.

  10. Image options

    Tells you how many images are available and allows you to jump to different photos to get a better look at the lot.

  11. Auctioneers message

    Only appears when required and can be dismissed, freeing up more real estate on your screen.

  12. Easy-to-read instructions

    Guides you on how to select a lot before you can place a bid.

  13. Currency converter and financing calculator

    Conveniently combined into one widget to display real time currency calculations, as well as estimated financing payments in the currency you've chosen.

  14. Auction dashboard

    Allows you to follow multiple rings and auctions in real time and with photos. Click on mini auction windows to activate a different ring or auction.